Stress is a Part of Everyday Life

Let’s face it, stress has become part of the fabric of daily life and is difficult to avoid. Everyday hassles associated with money, work, driving, and family life, for example, can contribute to stress, anxiety, and fatigue…and that’s not healthy. Sensoril® standardized Ashwagandha extract helps provide relief from stress which can make a positive improvement in your life.

Stress Causes Harm to the Body

When stress becomes chronic in nature, it can result in a large number of harmful physiological changes in the body. The negative effects of stress may include increased anxiety and irritability, a depressed mood, concentration and memory problems, sleeplessness, and loss of energy. These negative effects can have a serious impact on our quality of life.

Sensoril® Helps Reduce Stress

Health-conscious consumers depend on dietary supplements containing Sensoril® – a multi-patented, all natural, standardized extract of Ashwagandha – to neutralize stress for the peace of mind and clarity they deserve.
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